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Ladies, your appearance is a big factor in what a man perceives as a healthy partner.

Hi Shanon,

I’m also now mentioning things that many men worry about, so please help!

Ladies, your appearance is a big factor in what a man perceives as a healthy partner. If you are too skinny, or to round, it’s time to address this. Either see a nutritionist to work out a proper diet, or hit that gym equipment to say goodbye to the KitKat and Nick-Naks you’ve loved a bit too much.

Remember, men are visual creatures. Just! Like! You! First impressions matter. If you look unhealthy, the man of your dreams will find someone else to look at. We can coddle each other as much as we like, at some point though, we must face reality. Love is born in knowing a person, and knowing a person, starts with seeing them.

The hunting in packs:

Don’t try to find Mister Right in a pub, that’s where Mister Right-Now hangs out. Mister Right on the other hand, you’ll find him busy with something constructive, or relaxing with a friend or two. Mister Right does not hunt in packs, neither should you! Mister Right, respects the boundaries of ladies night. If you hunt in a pack, he will leave you alone. To him, it looks like ladies night.

Am I ready to share my home and sacred space 24/7/365?

The simple answer is: I … Don’t … Know.

Allow me to explain:

When I get home from work, I park my car in the garage, get out and close the garage. By the time I’m done, my cat is around my feet begging for attention. I ignore him, because I’m checking the post box.

He starts mewing as I unlock the gate, turn and lock it again after entering. Then I get to the security gate on my front door. I unlock it and the door, then scratch his head before opening the door. He’s happy to see me, and he likes the fact that I’m home.

He runs inside before I do, impatient for me to put my stuff down and pick him up. I do that, scratch his head again as I smile and put him down. Knowing he’s going to be around my feet, I walk over to the fridge, open the door and get the milk.  After twisting off the cap, I drink without worry, directly from the bottle. Then I fill his little bowl from it, scratch his head again and let him get on with the job of drinking his portion.

Then I pick a pipe from my meager collection, after returning the now capped milk to the fridge, and fill the pipe with the cherry tobacco I like so much. I light it just inside the front door, puffing carefully to get a proper ember going, then I tap it down and take that glorious step on to my porch, looking directly at the Paarl Mountain range. My cat joins me there, sitting on the steps doing what cats do, while I pace around contemplating life, the universe and everything, calmly puffing on my pipe. Nobody moaning at me!

In that instant, a single word is all I need to describe what I have: “Peace!”

When I think about a woman in that picture, I have almost no ability to see her doing anything other than immediately accosting me for being late, not using a glass, or not lighting my pipe outside. Nor do I see her keeping her berating gob shut for the few minutes I need to realize that I’m home, and can leave the office day behind. I don’t see her being anything other than derogatory about any number of things she imagines I’ve done wrong in the last 24 hours, nor do I see her taking any time to use her brain and show a bit of kindness, by pouring me a bloody glass of milk. I don’t see her helping me with the shopping I just did, or even having the simple decency to open the damn door.

I mean, it’s not as if my car runs in silent mode. You can hear it when I pull in.

So … No, I really don’t think I’m ready, and the sad thing is, I no longer care. At least I still care that I don’t care, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll hold on to that either.

The reality is, I’ve seemingly lost the ability to think of a woman, as anything other than a money hungry leech, with no purpose other than to take what she can and bail at the first sign of trouble.

The shockingly sad thing though, is that the last decade has done nothing other than prove that perception, especially now that I know I’m not the only man with this problem.


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Success story and a wedding in December 2016, single to soulmate!!

Hi dear RP and CM, (and all the ‘family’!)

How wonderful to hear from you!! How time flies!! It is hard to believe CM and the three kitties are already fully installed – for keeps! What a fabulous journey it has been …..and I even think many ladies could be envious that RP was very sincere about moving heaven and earth to get his South African beauty, and it has happened, and I can ‘hear’ you are very much in love! CM will morph into a great USA citizen, with her sense of adventure and faith intact! And living in Maine – could not be more perfect!

I and the PP Team here wish you the most awesome of weddings on 10th December, we wish we could be there!! PLEASE send us photos! We are extremely fond of you and loved working with and for you – it has been a fabulous success story and will always be a very warm memory!

Big hugs to CM, she is brilliant!! What a brave lady ……and a big kiss on the cheek from me dear RP, you are an extra- ordinary man! You knew your Ms. Right from day one!

Much love and light for always,

Fond Regards

Dear all, and especially our wonderful Matchmakers, Perfect Partners!

For 23 years, I lived alone in various parts of the world includng my 2013 move to mid-coast Maine. Now there are 7 living beings here in Harpswell, Maine, USA with 2 more on the way. My journey with Perfect partners was fabulous as I met stunning ladies…..and then my dream came true!

The major addition was CM’s arrival in Boston from 10,000 miles away (JHB, SA) on Tuesday. The next night her 3 cats, Charlie, Roxy, and Lily arrived the after a 7 hour drive up here from JFK. Of course my adorable and extremely gentle bulldogs Yale and Kennedy have been now with me over a year. All is smooth so far, fingers crossed

CM’s own very small dog Picasso will join us in the middle of next year, and her almost 18 year old son will be here for South African school holidays. He will arrive before the wedding and stay until almost New Years.

Again we are both so happy at what seems to be a large positive response as to attending our Saturday Dec 10th wedding at UCONN. Also if any of you know a good photographer with a real camera, we may have a need for that.

Please be in touch any time you wish.

We send our warmest to each of you,
CM and RP

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Spring has sprung for another great happy couple! …..a very happy story!


Hi Shannon

Had dinner with KM last night, I can officially say this man is head over heels.  He dotes over  me and treats me  with care and compliments, just so very,  very nice!  Best he has NOT pushed himself onto me at all from an intimacy point, that will come …

He would like to introduce me to his friends at a dinner on Friday.  Then he has asked me to join him in Cape Town when he gets back from the overseas (leaving for 2 weeks on Sat for bus), he wants to introduce me to his two girls at varsity! (That is always a big step when you meet the children, well it is for me!)

He has also asked me to join him, his friends and children to his game farm in December before I go away.  Then he has asked me to clear March and would like me to come with on a skiing trip in Switzerland.

Well …. What can I say. He is  dying to meet my two girls, and my precious grandchildren, I made it abundantly clear that my tiny little family means everything to me, he loved that.  We chatted a hind leg of a donkey!  He treats me 100% like a lady and is certainly hunting big time.

All and all it looks like I have turned the corner, and certainly looks like I might be on the eve of a new beginning, now I know what you mean by real transformation, everything has changed, and I was ready after all my duds and practice even.  Thank you so very, very much for your patience, loving support, motivation and steadfast determination to find the right guys, you are very caring and professional matchmakers, and also friends.  I think it works out to 25 frogs I couldn’t kiss …..… but they were all fabulous charming men of the best calibre. (Except the lawyer from Pretoria, he was creepy)

Regards and very best wishes!

Wow dear BF, this is just the best ever news!!  It sounds divine – what a man!!  Long term plans into next year is music to my ears!!  You are going to really be happy! The best part is all the family involvement – that is a huge step in the right direction! Enjoy every precious moment and look after yourselves and each other – the gift of love is worth more than anything in the world as you know how ‘aloneness’ can eat at the soul despite all life’s rewards! You deserve love!

I truly believe things happen as they should, it is all about timing, and it was your time – and certainly not for lack of trying!!  SEE!  It happens, it takes just one perfect match! Thanks for the compliments though that all our guys you met were great and real gentleman, that is for sure, just sadly not meant for you ….but ONE was and now you are a  very happy and lovely lady!!  We have always been very proud to present you out there, with dedication to our cause!!

PLEASE keep us posted and we wish you much love and light, for always!


Fond Regards

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A very happy member reports!

Hi Shannon,

I want to tell you how much you have changed my life – a new me, better health and even a love interest! I am determined to keep his interest HOT!  I know I stand a better chance if I improve my shape too.

Hey, practice what you preach!  LOL! Go for it if you need to lose a few kgs, and do your Kata! You encouraged me so awesomely that time of the match…  It’s hard and carbs are the worst, but taste the best, I sympathise with you now. If one can stay focused, it takes 3 weeks to break a habit, then it goes better… I’ve kick started karate again, on a mission now to complete and get my 3rd Dan and lost 5kgs already, I feel fantastic. It’s just my favourite sport and doing a Kata is beautiful!

Hope you have a good evening and don’t have to work too late.

Thanks always and always for your encouraging messages. I really and honestly feel so looked after, safe & hopeful – I know you care and you are the best matchmaker around and even a friend now!  I know you will always support me too! Dating sites sucked!  I will never go there again!  Your calibre of professional men is unbelievable – I thought there were none left on the planet!

Fond wishes,


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Thank you! My life is transforming…

Dear Shannon,

Thank you very much for the extended session this morning. I am so more confident now with meeting great worthy bachelors and I know I am worth a great catch! I am able now to keep an open mind, as my quotation says, and up for all challenges in the language of love.

It was hugely insightful. You are an incredible date coach, you get to the point in the kindest way and our profiling is spot on – I trust you as my matchmaker with all my heart!  I realise I have made many bad choices because I was attracted to the ‘wrong elements’, but I now have more depth.

I look forward to learning to put some of your suggestions and ideas into practice and working at it.

It is really great to have someone so committed, straight forward and honest to work beside me.

I know you will call me when you need to but more importantly guide and support me to develop my confidence and my tactics 🙂

Thank you for your incredible dedication.

With gratitude

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