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Serious enquiries only please – Seeking a Life Partner? We are a personal introductions and professional match maker and there is a fee to join our upmarket network, this is not online dating. Please make sure you have read our website and understand our service.


Please note that Perfect Partners will not share any of your information without your express permission.

We urge you to please give us much information as you can, that way we are able to get to know you better and find the perfect partner for you.

The profile takes 10 minutes to complete.

All enquiries are screened against our entry criteria and we reserve our right of admission and membership. If we do not contact you within 7 days, it is accepted that your enquiry has been archived for later consideration.


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  37. I am an indoors type
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  39. Level of fitness
  40. I go to gym
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  43. Social activities e.g. going dancing, night clubs, bars etc.
  44. I am an extrovert
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  48. I read books on
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  50. I have an interest in daily news, world affairs
  51. I love adventure e.g. try new things, taking risks etc
  52. I enjoy, making new friends, networking, socialising etc.
  53. I have travelled extensively
  54. Intend to travel:
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